5th Internationale Conference Work, Employment and Disability Management «Cooperation and Coordination»

25-26 January 2018 in Olten, Switzerland

Call for Papers (Englisch)
In past years, efforts have intensified to maintain the capacity to work and employment in firms, as well as the labor integration of the unemployed (reintegration) and of persons being integrated for the first time in gainful employment. We observe at the same time an increase in activities and ap-proaches aimed at the further professionalization of labor integration, inter alia in the context of disability management (within firms and in organizations dealing with labor integration). A changed situation in the labor market and changes in society, such as in connection with demographic changes, are driving this transformation.

Demographic change and shortage of skilled personnel challenge firms in respect to the changes and decreases in employee performance, for example in connection with ageing workforces, (post-)qualification or limitations due to health issues. Organizations dealing with labor integration are also confronted by a range of challenges. These can be specific to target groups, for example in relation to the older unemployed, the long-term jobless, youth in transition or individuals with mental impair-ments and illnesses. They can also involve organizational/structural challenges, such as marketiza-tion, the form of the project in connection with labor integration, differentiation in supplier structures and changes in social services provided by the state.

Against this backdrop, the international conference will explore ongoing changes in the working society and their consequences for employment and disability management. The principal focus here will be on the challenges arising in this context in respect to coordination and cooperation among the various actors in the firm, organizations engaged with labor management and social insurance schemes. Discussion will also look at the extent to which increased needs exist for (inter-)professional cooperation and coordination on the basis changed challenges specific to a given target group, and how they arise, for example, in connection with ageing workforces, mental illness, or in conjunction with questions of discrimination of individuals with disabilities and various impairments, or in connection with migrants.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen,
Benedikt Hassler,
Lea Widmer,