5th Internationale Conference Work, Employment and Disability Management «Cooperation and Coordination»

The next conference will take place 13-14 February 2020 in Olten.

5th International Conference Work, Employment and Disability Management „Cooperation und Coordination“

25-26 January 2018 in Olten, Switzerland

The conference offers an international forum for the discussion of the ongoing changes in the working society and their consequences for employment and disability management. The main focus will be on the challenges arising in this context to the coordination and cooperation of the professional actors in this field, be it from companies, organisations engaged in labour management or social insurance schemes. Do the challenges specific to  target groups like ageing workforce, people with mental illnesses, with disabilities, various impairments, low work qualifications or migrant background increase the needs for cooperation and coordination?

Call for Papers (Englisch)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen,
Benedikt Hassler,
Lea Widmer,